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Saturday, 21 Oct 2017

Welcome to the Men’s Health Policy Center

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The Men’s Health Policy Center (MHPC) is a public policy resource tool that enables the reader to better understand legislative and regulatory issues, empowering them to better advocate for the health and well being of men and their families.

The goal of the Men’s Health Policy Center (MHPC) is to improve the lives of every person by providing him or her with the tools necessary to make change. MHPC helps to empower individuals by offering strategies and tools that are helpful in advocating for their issues.

On federal and state levels, MHPC offers information about key legislation and government initiatives, and the impact those initiatives might have on men and their families. As a part of that process, MHPC will periodically host letter-writing campaigns and other action vehicles for individuals to voice their concern about key issues.

MHPC neither endorses nor opposes candidates, specific legislation, or regulatory initiatives.