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Saturday, 21 Oct 2017

Scientists Find That Blocking “Rogue Gene” May Prevent Spread of Cancer

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The discovery of a “rogue gene” by a group of British scientists from the University of East Anglia may lead to the prevention of the spread of cancer cells in the body. Blocking the gene through the use of the right medication could prevent the growth of many forms of cancer including breast, brain, colon, and skin cancers. The findings of the study were recently published in the journal Oncogene.

The researchers report that within the next decade, their findings could lead the development of new drugs capable of halting late-stage metastasis during which cancer cells spread throughout the body. The newly identified “rogue gene” is an enzymic bonding agent present inside cancer cells that attacks and breaks down a naturally occurring protein in the body that normally functions to prevent cancer cells from spreading. Blockage of the gene, known as WWP2, would allow for the presence of higher levels of the protein that makes cancer cells dormant.

Regarding the study findings, research team member Surinder Soond noted that this is a “novel and exciting approach to treating cancer and the spread of tumors which holds great potential.”

Lead author Andrew Chantry, a scientist at the University of East Anglia’s School of Biological Sciences, reported that within the next decade the findings could lead the development of new drugs capable of halting late stage metastasis during which cancer cells spread throughout the body. He pointed out that the successful development of a drug that could deactivate WWP2 would allow for conventional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy to be used to treat primary tumors with no risk of the cancer spreading elsewhere.

The next step in the research process, according to Chantry, “is to identify a potent drug that will get inside cancer cells and destroy the activity of the rogue gene.” He acknowledged that although this will be “a difficult but not impossible task,” by now having a better understanding of the biological processes, it will be easier to accomplish. Chantry and his team are currently working with other scientists to devise a drug capable of thwarting the gene’s activity.

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